Sub Account questions


I have a few questions regarding sub-accounts as I never used that before:

  • it is possible to use sub-account feature without having a corporate account? I’ve read somewhere that at VIP1 for regular users it is possible using that, but in other place it is pointed that only Corporate Users can use this feature.
  • how many sub-accounts can I create? I’ve never seen this information anywhere. I am curios about creating an app with tens of thousands of users and I want to know if it can be done through Binance, so each user can have a sub-account.
  • I’ve never seen in the API where a deposit address can be created for sub-account. By default, every sub-account has it’s own deposit address different then the master account?
    Binance API Documentation
    Here I thought that if the sub-account number is limited, maybe giving different deposit addresses to the users from my app, can do the same thing in some way, like a workaround.

Thanks for all the help!

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Hey there, answers below:

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Hi, I’m facing the same issue.
How to generate a deposit address for each user of my website ?

Use the Get Sub-Account deposit address endpoint (/sapi/v1/capital/deposit/subAddress).

@E111 @Aulerien , Hello guys did u find the way how we can generate a deposit address for each user without restrictions?