Stuck on Filter failure: PERCENT_PRICE"

Hello, i starting using the API today
i using this code to sell ADA $order = $api->sell(‘ADAUSDT’, 10, 350);
and i receive this error: Filter failure: PERCENT_PRICE"
but i need enter quantity and price, there is a option to just sell the quantity that i want
like we do in Binance Dashboard?
thanks for your help


The filter error is thrown when there is a substantial difference between the current market price and the price provided in the request. Use the exchangeInfo endpoint to get more details about a symbol’s filters.

Make sure you are passing the correct arguments and the price is within the acceptable range.

Hi, but in Binance (Dashboard) when i sell i just select the amount of coins, there is some endpoint
in the api for just enter the amount of coins that i want sell?

For SPOT trading, you can use the New Order endpoint ( to place a SELL MARKET order.

MARKET orders do not require a price parameter as the mark price will be used to match. The only required parameters are the: symbol, side (BUY/SELL), type (MARKET) and quantity or quoteOrderQty.

thank you, i successfully have created a buy/sell order.
In my balance i see the LDADA code with a value that correspond to the missing value that is missing
in a coin that i put and canceled for SELL.
What is LDADA? and how can i transfer that value to my coin again?