I want to retrieve the strategy for an open order…
STRATEGY_UPDATE and GRID_UPDATE events are not coming, only the OPEN_ORDER_UPDATE event for the order opened… changed the price for the TP for example, but no event either.

On this call: the strategyId is returned. But for the public API, it is not…

I need to achieve the functionality of this endpoint: so when an order is opened with TP/SL (NO position), I can get them.

GET the details, I don’t want to create an open order with TP/SL… I just want to GET them from the api/websockets…

PS: Telegram group didn’t help, asked for 3-5 times and no answer from anyone whatsoever

Is there any other way to achieve this? :innocent:


Thanks for your answer.
No, they do not help :(.

So… what I want to achieve is:

  1. Place a limit order with TP/SL
  2. After step 1, a STRATEGY is created

I want to GET that strategy. How or what endpoint/data stream I have to call in order to retrieve the TP and SL from an open order?

I was giving the bapi endpoint as example because I need to do the same, but could not find a similar endpoint in the public API…

In the photo below, after clicking the “View” button (the circle where “1” is), a popup appears.
I want to GET Order B and Order C. How can I do this? :smiley:

Thank you very much for providing a new description and indications.
We’re looking into this and we’ll get back to you once there’s updates.


Hi @Bogdan_Iuga, the reported has been added to the pipeline for correction, although no ETA at the moment.

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@aisling2 any updaes?

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@aisling2 still nothing? … I guess it’s been at least 2 sprints since then :sweat_smile:

@aisling2 any updates on this one? it’s been like 5 months…

Apologies, the topic was a bit hard to understand, although please look into the following, to see if it helps with some clarifications:

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any news? it’s urgent for us…

@aisling2 still no news?

Apologies @Bogdan_Iuga , the team is aware, although on our side, we don’t have impact on the ETA for this or we can have information about the same, so unfortunately we’ll also only know it’s available when it’s live.

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@aisling2 no news?

we’re delayed by a lot because of this… :sweat: still no updates? @aisling2 @moderators

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Hi @Bogdan_Iuga, we can only inform the team of the case but as mentioned previously, we don’t have control over what happens next and our visibility to it it’s the same as an external user.

@aisling2 i understand, but you are the only interface I can get in order to have some info…

How can we speed up the process?

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Hey @aisling2 ,

Is there a way we can speed up the process or boost it in the priority ranking? I’m asking this because I need the same endpoint for my project.

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@aisling2 still nothing?

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@aisling2 any news?

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Same here, spent the whole night on testing GRID_UPDATE and realized no event was ever emitted.

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