STOP LOSS type in order do not support BTCUSDT

Hi community!
I had a problem running my bot!

I am code a function to put and order under some condition (the price reach specific %), but when that condition occur the api return me:

{‘code’: -1013, ‘msg’: ‘Stop loss orders are not supported for this symbol.’, ‘url’: ‘’}

In first though that the symbol var was wrong but … the bot buy and sell correctly. Let my share the an abstract of the function. And a printcreen of the but running (by the way well).
Any suggest??

Tip: I checked this function PlaceOrderFromDict() and in any time touch the dictionary… just make the url and sing to post.
Tip2: I try manually to put order and doing well so I dont know what happen!

I have no friend to ask about!

The best regard,



order_params = dict(symbol = str(symbol),
                      side = "SELL",
                      type = "STOP_LOSS",
                 stopPrice = round(self.tradeSignal["price"], 2),
                  quantity = format(quantity, 'f'),
          newClientOrderId = "Saving_"+symbol+"_"+timeframe+ str(steps))
    order =
    print(Something was wrong during the save trade procedure.")

The picture:

“orderTypes”: [
Only support STOP_LOSS_LIMIT

Thanks a lot, but I am confuse …

I was reading the guide and STOP_LOSS is one of the type. But alright I’ll check that!!!

Thanks so much!!