Stop loss order without limit - Spot API

I see that no coins support STOP_LOSS order type now in Spot API, even though it’s included in the documentation.
As far as I see supported order types are: ["LIMIT", "LIMIT_MAKER", "MARKET", "STOP_LOSS_LIMIT", "TAKE_PROFIT_LIMIT"]

I want to be able to create orders with either stop_loss or take_profit (but not both), and not set a limit for my order. If I want to sell, I will cancel these stop_loss/take_profit orders and create a sell order explicitly.

However, I could not find a way to do this in the API. As a spot order, can I create an order that will sell from the market price when the stopPrice is reached? For take_profit I imagine I could create a simple Limit order, but how about stop_loss?

2nd question: if I want to make an order that will include both a stop_loss and a take_profit, I need to do an OCO order, right?

check and you can find the order types for each symbol

yea, that’s how I know STOP_LOSS is not supported :confused: For the coins I want to trade I see the options ["LIMIT", "LIMIT_MAKER", "MARKET", "STOP_LOSS_LIMIT", "TAKE_PROFIT_LIMIT"], though I am not sure which one of these will help me make the type of order I would like to execute. For take-profit I can do a simple limit order, but I want to sell a position when it drops e.g. 2%, and I can’t find a market order type to create that beforehand.