Stop Loss Order: How to identify if a stop loss order has been executed / filled via the api?


If there a way to identify if a stop loss (market or limit) order has been executed in the futures api?

I have been searching in trades or orders via the python sdk, for example,

trades = request_client.get_account_trades(symbol)
orders = request_client.get_all_orders(symbol)

and no luck so far.

Any tip?


Hey I have the same question for the margin, I want to place a STOP_LOSS_LIMIT order since it is the one that most cryptos generally accept but I have the same question of how to know when it is executed without having to monitor the price and check the status of the STOP_LOSS_LIMIT order, besides that I suppose that once the order is executed the system immediately creates the LIMIT order but I suppose that it assigns a different orderId and clientorderId

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we have the websocket user data stream which will push the order status as soon as it’s filled.
If you prefer to check the status via restful API, then the GET /fapi/v1/order is the endpoint that returns the latest status.

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Hi, many thanks for the tip!

So basically I had to query “/fapi/v1/openOrders” to obtain the orderId and clientOrderId for all open orders. The from this group, filter by origType to get the stop loss order.

Using orderId and clientOrderId I can call “/fapi/v1/order” to get the status.

Thanks also for the websockets tip. I just saw in the documentation “Event: Order Update”. I havent implemented it, but will give it a try.


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