Stop Loss not activated - how to debug


I have, or had, a stop loss in the IRIS USDT market - the price action just fell right thought it and it wasn’t activated.

How can I debug this?

I did have a spread between the activation and the limit price - none of that worked when price fell through it.

Even if the price falls below an stop loss and the order is not filled - it should still be activated, not waiting for the trigger price.

Trigger order price rules against market price for both MARKET and LIMIT versions:

* Price above market price: `STOP_LOSS` `BUY`, `TAKE_PROFIT` `SELL`
* Price below market price: `STOP_LOSS` `SELL`, `TAKE_PROFIT` `BUY`

Please ensure that you are doing a STOP_LOSS SELL and not STOP_LOSS BUY.