STOP_LOSS_LIMIT order error : Stop price would trigger immediately

Hey I m trying make a STOP LOSS LIMIT order but I have this error:
binance.exceptions.BinanceAPIException: APIError(code=-2010): Stop price would trigger immediately.

That is my code:

def order():
buyOrder = client.create_order(
symbol = ‘BTCUSDT’
side = ‘SELL’,
quantity = 15,
price = 66000,
stopPrice = 65999,
timeInForce = ‘GTC’
(although why the type of the buyOrder is asociated with the python functions type, I mean it s a problem in the API ?)

Given the stopPrice, it should be TAKE_PROFIT_LIMIT

Ah ok, but I change my code and still happening
buyOrder = client.create_order(
symbol = symbolTicker,
side = ‘BUY’,
quantity = quantity,
price = round(prev_symbolPrice1.001,8),
stopPrice = round(prev_symbolPrice
timeInForce = ‘GTC’
Illegal characters found in parameter ‘price’; legal range is ’

This is a different error…
Check your price and make sure it meets the request. What’s the message after “legal range is”?