Stop-limit order

Binance Futures API supports STOP order type. But there is almost no docs about it. So, the question is - when the order triggers, do I get the message? In the feed I can see “EXPIRED” status a lot, but docs say nothing about it. My hypothesis - I get “NEW”, when bf gets order and “EXPIRED” when its triggered. Am I right? Can I suppose, that ExchangeTime on EXPIRED message is the exact time when my order got into orderbook?

Hi, I would advise you to use the Futures Testnet API to get a full experience on what happens when setting up a Stop Order type, you can consult more at:

  • The associated UI is at

Ok, I tried. And what I found when you do stop-limit order and postOnly - you get EXPIRED both if you are in orderbook or out. And there is no way to parse the message from socket to understand - were u open or not. What am I doing wrong? =)