Stochastic RSI calculate every minute/second, but for 8 hours graph

Hi all, I hope this topic is relevant here.

I am using python with ta and binance libs.

I am trying to calculate the Stochastic RSI value, every small period of time (such as 1-minute/1-second), but the data is the same as seen, in 8-hour graph.
Moreover, when I change the requesting data every for 8-hours to 1-minute for example, it changes to a totally different graph and details.

I tried to increase the function values, for example, if for 8 hours the function looks at (14,14,3,3), then I changed it to (14*8*60,14*8*60,3,3), in another scenario I changed the 3’s values also to 3*8*60.

None of the above worked and gave me the result in real-time for the Stochastic RSI 8-hour graph.

Is anyone can help me with that please?