{ "status": "FAIL", "code": "400002", "errorMessage": "Signature for this request is not valid." }

Im trying to get “create order” api from binance pay api to make payments in my kotlin android application. I am following api documentation to build the payload and signature but unfortunately its not working. Im getting this error : “errorMessage”: “Signature for this request is not valid.”

Anyone can help?

Please refer to this post to research for some possible causes: FAQ: Signature for this request is not valid.

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this doesn’t include binance pay api signature :frowning:

Did you manage to solve this, I have the same problem

    "status": "FAIL",
    "code": "400002",
    "errorMessage": "Signature for this request is not valid."
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I have the same problem? Can anyone help with this issue for latest version of Binance Pay API v3?

Hello, Did anyone find solution to this problem, I am also trying to call this order API through postman but getting this error, I have checked all but can’t find solution, Can anyone please share the solution if you found it.

I suspect the signature mechanism is currently broken, also see my post about the same here:

Marius, any possible way to use it?
I am trying to call this API (POST /binancepay/openapi/v3/order),
And following this docs

Not that I am aware of. I’ve only tested the websocket API methods though. I have no idea if things works better in the other types of APIs offered, or if things are similarly broken there.