Spot Websocket Last Price x Book Ticker

Hi. I’m starting with binance-connector and would like to know which websocket endpoint would better send me all tickers’ last price. Should I use “all book ticker” or some other? What would be the leanest option?

Which connector are you using, python or node.js? Please refer to the corresponding document site for the function usage.

Besides, if you want to see the last price, all market (mini) tickers ( ) should be what you are looking for. All book ticker’s data is regarding the ask and bid prices in the order book.

Thank you! I’m using python, by the way…

  • Considering that the kline/candlestick stream works with just one symbol, is there any workaround to obtain, e.g., 1h candlesticks for all of them?
  • Is it possible to receive updates only for closed klines?

Regarding the first question, you can utilise the combined stream function and subscribe to multiple candlestick streams.
For the second question, so far websocket stream does not provide this option and it’s the same for the API. If you only want the closed klines and you don’t need the real time data, you can download csv from here.

Thank you so much.