Spot trading without base or quantity amount calculation. Vs convert api

Hello to everyone,

I am looking for a way to spot trade -taker and limit- on a price for some pair without having to do the base or quantity amount calculation. Like for a given subaccount key for a sell, sell all base amount available -and possible-. For a buy, use all quote quantity available. This should circumvent the need to add extra calls to account endpoints as well as the need to bookkeep amounts and truncate sizes to pass exchange pair filters/lot etc. Just trade whatever is available and just send price levels. I guess one way would be to try the convert api. But there are restrictions concerning “hft usage”. So is there an easy way to do this?

Indeed the convert endpoints are not recommended for high frequency trading, if this is your case and you want to trade on Spot, I’m afraid you need to go through and specify either quantity or quoteOrderQty.