Spot Test Network

I have PHP code that retrieves orders, but when I send a request, it returns a 502 Bad Gateway. This is the code:

       $apiCall = 'api/v3/allOrders';
       $timestamp = now()->timestamp * 1000;
       $apiParams = [
           'symbol' => 'STRAXUSDT',
           'timestamp' => $timestamp,
       $signature = hash_hmac('sha256', http_build_query($apiParams), $this->apiSecret);
       $apiParams['signature'] = $signature;
       $response = Http::withHeaders([
           'X-MBX-APIKEY' => $this->apiKey,
           ->get( . $apiCall, $apiParams);
       return $response;

This code was working yesterday, but today it is returning a 502 Bad Gateway.

Same problem with Futures Testnet.

Please be advised that testnet performs monthly data reset in the beginning of each month. You could check it from


Hi Youssef.

Are you still having that issue? As mentioned your request might not have been accepted because testnet was under maintenance at the time.

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