Spot account not update

Hello everyone, I’ve been testing the Binance API -SPOT API- for some time,
I have a problem when I ask the API to check how many coins ex. ETH I have in my wallet, procedure as follows:

I place an order BUY-> 0.04_ETH everything OK
I make a order SELL->
I check how many ETH I have: 0.04_ETH
I make the API call <GET / api / v3 / account>
ETH free 0
But if I just placed a successful order of 0.04 ETH. (SPOT MARKET order)
Why is my account not updating?

Disponibile: ETH 0.00000000

Disponibile: ETH 0.00000000
{“code”:-1013,“msg”:“Invalid quantity.”}

If I continue to make an API call <GET / api / v3 / account> after a few calls the wallet updates.

Question: is there a way to make the account update immediately?

Your procedure doesn’t make a lot sense to me but I guess you’re worried about the latency of balance update after trading. Please read and understand how to subscribe from wss to get the latest update which is the fastest way