Some coins receiving less than 20% packet volume as others

Without getting too in depth here with all the code(seems irrelevant), Ive got a combined websocket stream going, i want to monitor data on many coins at once.

This is my websocket stream for this text example:

Bitcoin & Ethereum receives websocket messages every second, while 1INCH and ALPINE and other lesser known coins ive tried barely receive any messages at all.

Is this normal for the API? do lower volume coins not get websockets updates every second? are they only updated on closing of selected Kline interval? ( e.g. , i will get a message every 60s when the 1m ALPINE kline closes)

right now its about 50-1 ratio, for every 50 bitcoin messages i get 1 ALPINE.

For reference , here’s my dashboard im working on, the rightmost column ‘#msg’ is how many websocket packets have been received for that coin. As you can see there’s a big gap.

Not that trading decisions will be made based on 1s data, but I’m just learning and curious what’s going on.

This is the websocket URL from above image:

This is completely normal. I dont think it matters how many messages you received as long as the OHLC of the kline is correct right?

Well, sort of. But wouldn’t that limit decision making to 1-minute intervals.

There’s data coming in by the second that could potentially be used to make decisions, even as part of a longer term evaluation etc.