some api delay questions

另外,我的服务器使用的是asw ec2,部署在东京。

when i use spot api create market orders, i find sometimes i’ll cost more than 100ms~500ms but i always just use 30~40ms. so, i want to make sure that the delay’s reason:

  1. because of a large number of transactions in a short time makes matchmaking engine’s delay?
  2. or maybe my network’s Chum?

by the way my server deploy in Tokyo node use the aws ec2

and what should i do to solve the problems?
thank u.

What if you use REST API to submit the request and get the order update from websocket?

thank u.
i really use this way for my limit orders. when my limit orders filled, i get order update from websocket, and this time i will use REST API and create a market order again.