Simple request - get balance by coin and current market value in java


I apologize if this has been answered before but I didn’t found an answer to my question.

I want to have my API in read-only mode and I just want to get information about the amount of coins I have in my account, so x BTC, y ETH, etc.

And then I want to get the current value of those coins.

I want to do this with Java.

Can someone share some example/tutorial on how to do this?

Thank you.

Hello, we don’t have examples for that, but you could find a library suitable for you, for example:

The api endpoints to get the “amount of coins I have in my account” and “current value of those coins” is in the API document, to facilitate, pasting here their respective links:

Thanks @aisling.

I think my doubts were about those libraries that I see around. I was expecting to just need the binance API. That said, is it safe to use these libraries?

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