simple python call to


We have a DEV env and a PRODUCTION env (different keys/secrets).


response = requests.get( “”)

This works perfectly.

On PROD (different keys/secret) it fails with;

Error 403 Forbidden - This request is blocked.

For security reasons you can’t connect to the server for this app or website at this time.

It maybe that you have too many requests or the illegal request payload is identified as an attack.

Please try again later.

Doesnt make sense to me as the 2 environments are using different keys/secret (though both use the same account).

Any ideas?


I don’t see any problem here, different envs have different backend. Please follow the rate limit rule to send amount of request that within the limit.

Hey @dino

I got to the bottom of it. There are 2 ways to get the premium index. Onecwas to use the original (below)


However there were restrictions on that (security and limits)

The solution was to use the other url;

Once the switch was made both DEV and PROD worked a treat.

Thanks for your help. Alway appreciate it.