Set Quantity for Stop Loss or Take Profit while the position size changes every second

Hi Everyone!
I’m trying to put stop loss for my open positions. for example my margin is 1 USDT , so the position size while the leverage is 10x will be 10 USDT. now if I want to put a stop loss my quantity should be 10 USDT.
But as you know the position size is changing every second and mostly when the stop loss or take profit order is getting triggered , the position size is not the same as the start (10 USDT) and as I used that quantity(10 USDT) for my stop loss quantity , after getting triggered the position will not close completely (for example it will be open for 0.1 USDT).
What can I do for this situation?
Also sorry for my bad explanations :slight_smile:

Hey @Enigma_Beyond,
it’s normal to not have all quantity filled when using order type “STOP” (Limit Stop Loss).
If you want to prevent/minimise losing the full amount you’ve invested in the position, you can use order type “STOP_MARKET” (Market Stop Loss) instead and set the “stopPrice” and “price” parameters to higher values.
However this topic seems to be more on the planning side and not so much on how to use API, so it depends on each person’s criteria.