Set entry price for futures MARKET order

I’m trying to set up a MARKET order and I want to set up the Entry Price.

            'symbol'     => 'XRPUSDT',
            'price'      => 0.49,
            'side'       => 'BUY',
            'type'       => 'MARKET',
            'quantity'   => 100,
            'timestamp'  => 1234567890,
            'recvWindow' => 5000,

when I send the price, I get the following error: Parameter ‘price’ sent when not required.

Is there a way to set the Entry price for MARKET orders?

Basically I want to set the the following trade:

Entry type:Market / MARKET


Entry price: 0.49 / ??

  • Take profit 1: 0.51 / TAKE_PROFIT_MARKET
  • Take profit 2: 0.52 / TAKE_PROFIT_MARKET
  • Take profit 3: 0.53 / TAKE_PROFIT_MARKET

Stop loss: 0.47 / STOP_MARKET

You don’t set price for MARKET order as it’s traded according to the market price.
The “Entry Price” you see in the UI side is after the trading that was done according to the market price at that moment.

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I replaced “price”:“{{close}}” with “price”:“{{market}}” and it worked for me, hope it will work for you too, still trying to see if it will work everytime or not.