Service unavailable from a restricted location

Could we please get pointed to the official announcement by Binance that blocked the API access from restricted IP’s? It feels like platforms did not get any appropriate timeline to prepare for the change.

@Dino, before you close this topic, please escalate this to your manager so we can have someone give the community a proper response. Please understand that if the same topic keeps getting raised and you keep replying with the same answer and closing the topics, it means your answer is insufficient.

my account is registered and certified in Mexico and my server is in the USA … what is happening with Binance?

I’ve counted FOURTEEN threads about this here, within the past 1d.
The forum admins are just closing each of the discussion. Bad.

As if closing the discussion is a solution to a problem that all downstream software is affected/broken, which had been pulling data from and is now 451-blocked.

While it might make (worldcoldwar-) sense to block TRADING on binance .com for US IPs … to additionally also lock out all READ-ONLY api calls is an unreasonable over reach, because it destroys thousands of software solutions which had been building on top of the API calls (but which are not trading).

To simply change to is futile, for most coin-pairs, at the moment.

See my solution suggestion there.

I can´t use Binance API in Google AppScripts anymore because of this error :sleepy:


I’ve solved this problem for my GCP funds, and cloud run with:

gcloud compute networks create europenetwork
–subnet-mode custom

gcloud compute addresses create europestaticip
–region europe-central2

gcloud compute addresses describe europestaticip
–region europe-central2
–format “value(address)”

gcloud compute routers create europenat
–network europenetwork
–region europe-central2

gcloud compute routers nats create europenatconfig
–router-region europe-central2
–router europenat
–nat-external-ip-pool europestaticip

gcloud compute networks vpc-access connectors create vpceuropeconnector
–network europenetwork
–region europe-central2

Then you need to set up your function of cloud run instance or whatever else you’re using to use this VCP for all traffic.

Details Routing Cloud Run and Cloud Functions egress traffic through a static external IP address  |  Google Cloud Platform Community

Feel free to ping me, if you have any questions.


This helped me solve mine. Thanks a lot.