Server unexpectedly closes websocket connection

I am subscribing to the following URL:

I always reply to PINGs with PONGs. And as you can see from the Wireshark screenshot below, the server closes the connection after 7650 seconds (126 minutes) since initiating the connection.

Even when I subscribe to only one stream(, the server closes it. However, it lasts longer, 20190 seconds (5.6 hours), still nowhere close to 24 hours mentioned in the documentation.


  • I am not using VPN.

  • When I PING(Websocket Ping) the server, it does not reply with a PONG.

Thanks for reporting this. Is this a one-off occurrence or does it happen frequently with your websocket subscriptions?

Sorry for the late reply. Disconnects are quite frequent, here are the URLs and screenshots of Wireshark from last few days(it might contain last 2 instances I reported in the original post). Could you please investigate whats the reason behind these disconnects.