Server Delay and Overloaded

What is this error?
1.“Server is currently overloaded with other requests. Please try again in a few minutes.”
I mean i know what it means ,but i m getting it often when my script place order in critical conditions.
2.Also i am getting unusual and consistant delay of like 700-1100ms on the rest future endpoint,i checked the ping and network ,everything is fine. Even the spot order delay is fine,
Does binance API throttle these requests and server overloaded errors for non-vip/retail users to has a disadvantage against VIP/Institutional?

I’m also facing quite high latency while trading via futures websocket api, the same code works pretty well for spot. @dino please have a look

How much ,on ws? on rest orders endpoints;below is some of delays i m getting from AWS ( Europe (Stockholm) eu-north-1])
placed order:1719809569154
updated on server:1719809570031
and so on,


And a bunch of server overload errors;
and yes ;its only on futures,the spot delays are fine.

My AWS server is hosted in Tokyo region , and the websocket latency is around 4-6 milliseconds (Order place - order updated on server) for the USD-M future websocket apis.

I have tried using the pre authenticated websocket api (with ED2559 keys) , but there was no improvement. I was using Boost C++ library.

I thought maybe some latency was introduced by Boost. So i made my own code to handle raw websocket frames. Still no improvement.

Also, if you compare latencies for other future websocket streams (such as bookTicker, trade etc.) with similar spot streams, you will find similar results(future lateny > spot latency).

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I ran some network analysis from different locations and the avg results for Fut API Endpoints are somehow quite high ? Does anybody know the reason or how to solve or wrokaround?
Endpoint Connect Time (s) Total Time (s) 0.243327 0.976073 0.003980 0.292206

4-6 ms on order websocket from order place-to order update?? Can you please eleborate a little, the time you iniate order and it updated on server? or i did not get it right? I tried Tokyo region as well,and simple curl on rest order but get like 200-400ms,from initiate to update on server

For example : I am recording the timestamp in my server just before sending the order (let us call it ‘T’), and after i get back the response form the binance server there is a field in the response payload


so the difference between udateTime and T (updateTime - T) is 4-6 milliseconds.

and in the same way if i’m measuring the time difference on sending order via spot websocket api , the differnce is around 1.5-1.7 milliseconds.

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I got it, and just tested it on ws, i get around 1.4-1.5 ms request time, and around 10-15ms wrt to updatetime, let me test further,please share if you get any workaround or solution,

have you tried different keys? is you ip whitelisted? what others consideration you have in mind to test further?

Yes my IP is whitelisted. Does different keys affect the latency ?

Corrected:1.4 - 1.5 ms by the request and wrt updateTime, 5-7ms(almost your figures),the rest was rather by ohter processing

I am not sure; was just curious to evaluate all the variables; or it could be purely delay introduced by the server side processing, binance does have a low latency programme for VIPs