Sending orders via websocket (Spot and Futures) and latency

Hello team!

Is it true that you can avoid HTTP/REST network overhead for sending orders via using Websocket for sending orders?

The question arises from the fact that official website only have Websocket for Execution reports and public market data, not for orders
However, if you dig into github - there is an option to do orders via websocket binance-spot-api-docs/ at master · binance/binance-spot-api-docs · GitHub
Can you do that for both futures and spot sections? Why it is not available on binance api website? Binance API Documentation - i can only find REST orders here

Second question: assuming I am properly colocated in Tokyo - what is lowest latency best practice in placing/canceling/changing orders?

  1. Is it correct simplest possible combination of fields in NEW ORDER would be the fastest to be executed on exchange?
  2. How random are two players order arrivals - when one is faster than the other - say by 100microseconds - what is the probability to get to the exchange core execution faster than a slower player?
  3. Does the FIFO based queue of orders exist in the core? Does it happen after credit/margin check or before?
  4. Do Batch orders generally get orders to exchange atomically? Meaning - does it get into FIFO queue atomically with all orders combined?

Thank you

  1. WebSocket API is available for spot only, that you could send orders over websocket stream.

  2. To place spot orders, there are two solutions: RESTful and WebSocket API. It’s recommended to try on both channels, and use the best one that fit your requirement.

Hope this will be helpful.