Sending crypto to Binance mail

I need to send crypto individually or in bulk to people with or without a Binance account via Binance Emails. I want to use Binance APIs in an application that will do this. However, I am not a merchant and would like to do this with standard Binance share apis. But I could not find such a resource. Can you please help with this?

What do you mean by sending crypto via Binance Email? Can you share a more practical example, please?

Thank you for the answer. We can send crypto via email to any user’s Binance account from the Binance application, can we do this via API?

Ok I see, you mean withdraw crypto to another account by inserting the account’s email.
The withdraw endpoint is Binance API Documentation, which doesn’t support email feature.
This is only a feature it’s a Sub-Accounts environment: Binance API Documentation