sending a buy order

Hey guys I’m needing help sending an order to buy or sell crypto using this section of the documentation.

I understand what data is required in the body of the post request to make a trade as its in the documentation above, however I don’t understand how I can inform Binance of my account and to verify that I’m the true owner when sending orders. I’m guessing that somehow I’m supposed to provide my private and public keys in the request somehow weather its in the url or in the body.

I have read the documentation which “explains” how to do this but I don’t understand it and was hopping someone could explain this to me.

Basically there is more data that I must include in either the request url or in the actual body and I think its the private and public key but I don’t know how it should look if its to be in the url or the body so basically I just need someone to show me.

Please help :slight_smile:



Account identification is done using the API Key sent in the header + the signature sent in the request url.

This is explained in the documentation here

I know how to put the key in the header but what is this signature that I must include in the URL?

Also what will the URL look like when I send it?

Is this URL correct and if so please let me know and if not please correct me.


Please take time to read the documentation, construction of the signature is explained and examples are provided.

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