Send crypto by email

Is there an endpoint to send assets/crypto to another binance user by email? I see there are possibilities to transfer to/from subaccounts, but how to send with the API to another account by email?

No, this is not available via the API.

To transfer assets to another Binance account, use the Withdraw endpoint.

To add to the above, enabling Fast Withdraw Switch will make transferring funds to a Binance account complete instantly. There is no on-chain transaction, no transaction ID and no withdrawal fee.

Did have any API updates?
I see it can send crypto via email in Binance App. It is good for my product if I can do it with API.

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Hi. Any update? Can I Send Crypto with the Email?

It’s not possible, and there are no plans to introduce this for the time being.

An alternative is to use Binance Code to generate “Gift Cards” in the form of codes which can be redeemed on the Binance platform.

More info here Binance API Documentation

So sad to hear.
It would be such a brilliant tool.
If you implement this some day I will instantly integrate to my project.

Is this situation still going on? Has there been an update to the sending money via email that comes with Binance Pay? Is it possible to send crypto to email with api without opening a Merchant account?

email is a communication tool, the email would have to go back to an endpoint where the user would communicate. Your trying to use email backwards.

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