self trade prevention trades on futures

I have api bots located in different severs. I will send buy request from both servers at a time.
what I want it if any of the server completed the first order, other orders coming from another services need to stop

a=client.futures_create_order(symbol='BTCUSDT',side='BUY',price='35000',type='LIMIT',timeInforce = 'GTC')
b=client.futures_create_order(symbol='BTCUSDT',side='BUY',price='35000',type='LIMIT',timeInforce = 'GTC')
c=client.futures_create_order(symbol='BTCUSDT',side='BUY',price='35000',type='LIMIT',timeInforce = 'GTC')

these orders are being sent from 3 different servers. suppose if ‘b’ order successefully placed and filled the position. then other orders a,c are coming from another servers need to be stopped. How can temporary stop to trade BTCUSDT using STP method

These 3 orders are side that they won’t match with other each. So STP can’t help with it.
It seems the trading logic that you could implement in your side.