Script won't connect to WebSocket

I tried using the Binance API to get a stream of price data for some small altcoins like SKY or RVN.

When I send this message; “wss://” the data comes back perfectly.
However when I send this, “wss://” it doesn’t even connect.

Anyone knows why? I can provide the source code bellow if that helps.
I appreciate any help, thanks.

Source Code:

(I am using C# (WebSocketSharp) )

Hi, your source code is no longer available to view, although I don’t have issues on my side:

aisling ~websocat -v 'wss://'
[INFO  websocat::lints] Auto-inserting the line mode
[INFO  websocat::ws_client_peer] get_ws_client_peer
[INFO  websocat::ws_client_peer] Connected to ws

What’s the response when you try to connect?