Savings API - Endpoints to distinguish between normal subscriptions and transfers or "Renewed"

I communicated with the support team, and I understand there are currently no endpoints that include the below information, which is necessary for reporting the transactions correctly.

  1. Using the Binance Lending/Savings API endpoints, I am extracting the subscriptions report, however there is no way to distinguish between an actual subscription to a fixed/flexible/customised fixed product and a transfer from e.g. the Binance spot account to the Savings/Lending account. They are both shown as normal subscriptions, which is obviously misleading and results in misreporting.

  2. Also there is no endpoint to show subscriptions that have been “renewed”. When logging in the account, there is a subscription type column which can be “Renew”, “Transferred” (as per point 1) or “Normal”. It is necessary to have endpoints showing whether a subscription is renewed, or when the subscription shown actually refers to a transfer (as per point 1).

extracting the subscriptions report

For better understanding, could you please show us which endpoint is used to get this report?


The “Get purchase record” Saving endpoint.

  1. GET sapi/v1/lending/union/purchaseRecord can return lendingType, which will tell the product type, CUSTOMIZED_FIXED or DAILY etc

    • there is no “saving wallet”, only saving assets. When “transfer” assets from spot wallet to savings, it’s the process of purchase/subscribe the lending products. That’s why it’s shown in this record endpoint.
  2. GET /sapi/v1/lending/project/position/list or GET /sapi/v1/lending/daily/token/position can be used to getting the details of your current saving subscriptions.

Hi Dino,
Many thanks for your quick answers.

  1. I understand that the problem still remains though, as there could be a transfer of 50,000 USDT which is then converted to a subscription of 50,000 USDT. While there has been only 1 subscription/purchase, a “subscription” of 50,000 USDT is shown twice. Isn’t it a bit misleading?

  2. Problem here is similar to the above as when a subscription is renewed, it should be mentioned somehow in the purchase endpoint in order to show to the user that is doing the reporting that this subscription should not be booked again. I am already getting information from the project/position/list endpoint you mentioned but I am not very sure how that would help here.

Both the above problems are solved, by looking directly into the account online where there is a subscription type column that shows the info: “Renew”, “Transferred” or “Normal”. Should not that be available via the endpoints as well?

I think you propose a new endpoint that can return the subscription history. let me forward this to the team and see how they thinking.

or rather an additional column in the already existing subscription endpoint that would display the “subscription type” just like it does in the account online. Thank you!

Hi, @FS-VBN. Did you solve the issue? Seems that I have the same issue, as savings_purchase_record api shows that new subscription was made (renew), but in savings_redemption_record API, it’s not shown that previous subscription was redeem and it’s not clear from savings_purchase_record api is it’s new subscription or renew.

Thank you