Saving Endpoints - Flexible, Locked, ...


since there have been changes in Binance Earn wallet and the api endpoints do not reflect this new situation, I would like to ask if there is plan to change the api accordingly?

Binance Earn wallet changed to Simple earn which is divided into categories: flexible, locked, locked savings, etc. But there is option to get only “flexible” products (Binance API Documentation), not the others (I am mainly interested in “locked” products). They can be found here: > Simple earn > Locked

Or is there any other way how to get locked products from simple earn?

Thank you very much for the reply in advance.
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According to Introducing Simple Earn: The Evolution of Binance Savings & Binance Staking | Binance Support, the Locked Products is composed by Locked Savings + Locked Staking.
Locked Staking was never available through API, although Locked Savings is the CUSTOMIZED_FIXED from

Unfortunately, we don’t have knowledge about the future plans for the savings endpoints.