/sapi/v1/margin/delist-schedule is 3 hours behind official announcements


Today I just noticed that updates of incoming delistings from the official /sapi/v1/margin/delist-schedule are delayed by almost 3 hours compared to the official announcement.

For example, today at 2024-07-08 07:01 UTC, Binance announced that they will delist BOND, DOCK, MDX, POLS. I had POLS in one of my open positions and I just wanted to exit as fast as possible after the announcement, so that I don’t get burned so much on the downtrend…

However, the /sapi/v1/margin/delist-schedule updated the incoming delistings almost 3 hours later, at 10:00 UTC, which was already too late. DOCK dropped 50% since it was announced!

Can you guys please make the API reflect the announcements, so that I won’t have to manually scrape the bapi endpoints for incoming announcements?