Rolling order

I wonder if there’s a way to set something like a rolling order. I don’t know how to call it.

I would like to set a target price for BTC (let’s say 9000$) and a step (let’s say 9$ for this example but probably a percentage works better). Then when BTC rises over 9000$ a stop-limit on 9000$ is set. If it goes over 9000 + 9$ (f.e: 9015$), that stop limit is cancelled and a stop limit is set on 9015 - 9$ = 9006$ and so on. So if I’m confident BTC is going to raise, I can take the maximum profit.

This is called a Trailing Stop order. We do not have it at the moment but it is on our roadmap for this year. We do not have concrete ETA at this time.

Good to know. Thank you.