ROI percentage

when i fetched for the binance open positions , i got data like the below
symbol: “FRONTUSDT”,
positionAmt: “423”,
entryPrice: “0.2876”,
breakEvenPrice: “0.2877438”,
markPrice: “0.28950178”,
unRealizedProfit: “0.80445294”,
liquidationPrice: “0.26657955”,
leverage: “10”,
maxNotionalValue: “200000”,
marginType: “isolated”,
isolatedMargin: “13.07899926”,
isAutoAddMargin: “false”,
positionSide: “BOTH”,
notional: “122.45925294”,
isolatedWallet: “12.27454632”,
updateTime: 1698133043605,

here they have provided just unRealizedProfit in dollars , but i need ROI percentage too like below , how can i get that info ?

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 6.45.44 PM

you could calculate it using the entryPrice and markPrice values.
Check out this link for a guide on how to calculate ROI.