Requesting data price with API

Hi, I have an unverified account in Binance. I want to build an android based app and “jaggedsoft / php-binance-api” requires API key to give me data prices but I cant create an API key on Binacne.
I dont want to use Binance’s financial products but its data prices but I can’t create an API key for that mean. There should be some exceptions for devs to create read-only API for their apps.

Hi there, sorry to say that if a 3rd party library requires you to provide API key to use public endpoints like (which doesn’t seem to be right), there’s nothing we can do… However, we’ll register your feedback.

Yeah please register my feedback. there is a reason why we have trading api and read only api. you technically cant trade or use binance’s products with read only api so i dont get why you guys have this kind of weird restriction policy.