ReduceOnly Order Failed - MARGIN CHECK FAILED

Some one can explain me better when this error occurs ?

-4112 REDUCE_ONLY_MARGIN_CHECK_FAILED# ReduceOnly Order Failed. Please check your existing position and open orders.

I had this error during a moment where my positions where near at the liquidation price, and I couldn’t reduce/close them before the Liquidation because of this error
I was trying to close Short positions, in Hedge mode.


When you receive this error, it means that the system had an issue with reducing or closing your position according to your specified conditions. It’s common when you’re at levels close to liquidation as you mentioned you were. Ideally you’d want to close the positions before it gets so close to liquidation.

Thanks. In fact I was trying to avoid liquidation, automatically placing an Limit Order with a price that will fill immediately and close the position. The problem is that I couldn’t find in any manual or answer what are the conditions that cause this error to monitor it and prevent/avoid this error situation.

I’m with the perception that is very complicated to manage a number of open positions in Hedge mode with Cross Margin / Multi Asset together. If the Limit Orders are not being accepted, How I will trust into the Stop Limit orders ?