reduceOnly option won't change to true when I open STOP MARKET order in futures api

I want to pass ‘reduceOnly’ option to true when I am opening STOP MARKET order in futures api. But when I pass it in my function, it opens order successfully, but ‘reduceOnly’ option value remains false. I am using jaggedsoft/php-binance-api package. Also I checked to see if I am in Hedge mode and I am not, and also ‘closePosition’ option is false, so that is supposed to be ok according to documentation. Any help is appreciated. Here is my code/function.

$stopLossOrder = $api->buy($symbol, $quantity, $price, 'STOP_MARKET', ['stopPrice' => $stopPriceNew, 'reduceOnly' => 'true']);

You may try to print out the original parameters sent to server, and see if reduceOnly is there.

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If you mean when I var_dump or print_r this function I get [“reduceOnly”]=>
bool(false) . So it shows that value is false and it is supposed to be true.