Reaching blocking and fetchTimeOffset

I found that MainClient is trying to make fetchTimeOffset request automatically all the time even if my IP is blocked and in this way it keeps account blocked. Is it possible to control this request and don’t do it automatically?

Ok, I found disableTimeSync option.
Also, what is interesting, I have few accounts and for each of them for each request I create new instance of MainClient and as the result after some time the app is working I see a lot of these request (syncTime()) so, the MainClient is not destroyed even if I don’t have it as class variable, but just local variable. Is there any way to destroy it manually?
Many thanks!

Which API/endpoint are you referring?

Hi, the time sync feature is disabled by default in the newest version. It was designed to reduce the risk of getting timestamp/recv_window errors, but it was causing more problems (one slow request would introduce recv_window errors). Either way, this shouldn’t be a problem anymore in the latest version of this SDK.

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