quoteOrderQty Fails with LOT_SIZE but documentation say it does not check LOT_SIZE


In the following section of the documentation Binance API Documentation, there is this piece.

Which Says: " MARKET orders using quoteOrderQty will not break LOT_SIZE filter rules;"

But when I tried the following order on the testnet I got the following message.

“code”: -2010,
“msg”: “Filter failure: MARKET_LOT_SIZE”

Am I miss interpreting this line in the documentation that there is no filtering LOT_SIZE check when using the quoteOrderQty?

Any help will be appreciated.


I reached out to support to get an answer to my question and below is there response

Please check the “MARKET_LOT_SIZE” of TRXBTC through the endpoint api/v3/exchangeInfo.

maxQty is 10000, which means the maximum quantity of each market order should less than 10000.

You set the quoteOrderQty as 0.1, this means you want to sell some quantity of TRX to get around 0.1 BTC.

As per checking, the best bid of TRXBTC in the spot test net is 0.00000311. 0.1/0.00000311 = 32154 which is larger than 10000, so you got that error

So I was paying attention to the LOT_SIZE and forgot to take into account the MARKET_LOT_SIZE rules.