Question on OCO fill

Hello friends. I’m playing around with the testnet and found that I’ve kept getting OCO orders filled on the Stop side of the order, even with the Stop price is way lower than BTC’s price.

Here are the details from the order which was executed about 7 hours ago:

{‘clientOrderId’: ‘xyz’,
‘cummulativeQuoteQty’: ‘7632.45009180’,
‘executedQty’: ‘0.11659000’,
‘icebergQty’: ‘0.00000000’,
‘isWorking’: True,
‘orderId’: 1977126,
‘orderListId’: 859,
‘origQty’: ‘0.11659000’,
‘origQuoteOrderQty’: ‘0.00000000’,
‘price’: ‘65464.02000000’,
‘selfTradePreventionMode’: ‘EXPIRE_MAKER’,
‘side’: ‘SELL’,
‘status’: ‘FILLED’,
‘stopPrice’: ‘65464.02000000’,
‘symbol’: ‘BTCUSDT’,
‘time’: 1717976807890,
‘timeInForce’: ‘GTC’,
‘type’: ‘STOP_LOSS_LIMIT’,
‘updateTime’: 1717982614110,
‘workingTime’: 1717982614061}

As you can see the Stop was set to 65464, and it got filled, even though BTC hasn’t been near that price for almost a month. I’m sure I’m just overlooking something very simple here so any pointers would be well appreciated! :slight_smile:

The testnet has it’s own market with own prices of the market. It is there for testing purposes.

Awesome, I knew it would be something straightforward. Thank you!