Question on Binance's Recent "Spot API Request Weight Increase" Announcement and Order Rate Limits

Hi all,

Binance announced yesterday that it was increasing ‘the request weight limit per IP address shared by all endpoints from 1,200 per minute to 6,000 per minute.’

And that:

  • Request weight of endpoints for order placement and order cancellation will remain the same; however, the request weight of the remaining endpoints will be increased by 2x.

  • Effectively, this means a single IP will be able to send 5x more requests to order placement and cancellation endpoints, and 2.5x more requests to all other endpoints.

I am struggling with this part of the announcement:

this means a single IP will be able to send 5x more requests to order placement

Given that ORDER RATE LIMITS are currently 50 orders every 10s (with a request weight of ‘1’ per order). How would one be able to send 5x more requests to order placement?

Wouldn’t the order rate limit be hit after 50 x 6 x 1 = 300 request weight, in a given minute, way before the request weight limit comes into play?

Or will this announcement only affect those using multiple accounts with the same IP?

Any help on what I’m missing here would be greatly appreciated.


Sending 5x more order requests is not the same as sending 5x more orders.

For example, before you could only call POST /api/v3/order 1200 times in 1 minute from a single IP.

After the limit increase, you can call it 6000 times before you can get a HTTP code 418 or a 429.

Hope that clears that up.

Thank you for the response adderall-prozac.

Is it possible to call the order end points without those calls increasing your order rate limit count? How would one do that?

Is Binance going to increase “ORDER RATE LIMITS”?

An account’s order count increases with every successful order placement to the engine.