QTUM in Flex Earn shows up as LDBAKE when doing an API request

When I use the python binance client like this:

account = client.get_account()

balances = account['balances']
for balance in balances:

one of the lines that comes back is this one:

{'asset': 'LDBAKE', 'free': '201.23312222', 'locked': '0.00000000'}

But this should be LDQTUM. I don’t have BAKE in flex earn but I do have QTUM with that amount.

Is this a problem with the python binance client or is it the binance api?

You can try to request directly with the binance api endpoint to see confirm: https://binance-docs.github.io/apidocs/spot/en/#account-information-user_data

The asset should be only “QTUM” or “BAKE”.

I also tried to do it as per your comment with using account information, but there is the same QTUM as LDBAKE, EGLD as LDERD. Any other way to take account data in real time or last hour, day at least?

The previously shared endpoint already gives current account information.

It’s strange that you’re receiving “LDDAKE” since this is not a valid asset, can share the raw complete request url that you’re sending after doing the “get_account”, please? (omitting sensitive parts)