Python error

Hello. I have a error typin pip install python-binance on console. Can someone help me?

Is an error regarding twisted…

Heard there’s an incompatible issue between python 3.9 and python-binance. Are you python 3.9?

Yes I have Python 3.9. So I have to install 3.8?

Suggest you give it a try

Yeah. I have the python binance wrapper working fine after installing 3.7, though I did have to download Twisted and install it manually.

The only problem I’m having is figuring out how to direct it to the testnet, but it should be fixable.

I had to install 3.7, I couldn’t get 3.8 most likely I couldn’t install Twisted in 3.8.

Does 3.7 work?

Hello. Finally I could do successfully pip install python.binance because I eliminate python 3.9 and I install python 3.8

But now in Pycharm it doesn’t recognise the API I think

Maybe I have to install Python 3.7?


Please go to a python forum to figure out how to use pycharm. If you’re already good with python <3.9 with python-binance, we’re good here. This is a binance-api related forum; Thank you for your understanding~