Pulling fee schedule from API for futures

I can pull fees for spot trades from /wapi/v3/tradeFee but it doesn’t include symbols like BTCUSD_PERP etc which have different fees and tier levels.

I can get my fee tier from /dapi/v1/account but it’s not really the same as the actual fee as I then have to go and look up the fee on some external website.

Is there a way to pull the fees for COIN-M and USD-M trades from the api that I am missing?

Why is it not? Please provide more details

In order to calculate my fees I’ll have to maintain an internal copy of the fee table and then I run the risk of it being out of date if any changes are made to the fee schedule. If I query the API and get a return value of, say, 0.01% then I know exactly where I am if I get response like “Tier 1” then I can only hope nothing has changed since the last time I looked up what discount tier 1 gets. This will work fine for a month, 6 months, but what about 1 year or 10 years?

Will relay the feedback to the team. Thank you~