Problem with the response of the endpoint of the open orders

At the moment it seems that the endpoint that provides the results of the open orders is saturated. It is responding not with the open orders I have at the moment, but with the earlier open orders. Is this problem usually? My method of communication is through http, not websocket.

thanks for feedback, can you try again and see if you can get the open orders?
Also can you try with the endpoint to get order details, what is the latest order status?

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A long time ago, about 45 minutes, I removed all orders. Just now it appears to me that I have no open orders.

Do you know what the problem was? the cause?

I am having the same problem again. The SL and TP orders are placed, they look good on the Binance frontend, but the api tells me that I have no open orders.

SL/TP order that placed in frontend is not available from API.

I understand, but I’m not making myself understand well I think.

I place the orders through the api and it works fine, but when I want to check them to see if they placed correctly from the same api, they don’t appear. But, if I go to check it from the binance app, it looks like they placed well.

Right now everything is going well, the orders I have open match what the api shows me. But it was not walking like this during the day. It had a very important delay (the api) to respond with the really open orders .

I recently had the same problem again and I was able to verify that the problem is in the update delay of the api database. I placed two orders through the api, they were placed fine. When I do the query (via api), they did not appear. I check in the binance app and indeed they were well placed. The message that the api responds (before filtering anything) when querying the orders, was completely empty. An empty array. After a while, almost two or three minutes later, it began to show me the two orders in the response of the api, but one had really already skipped the SL. The conclusion is that there is a serious delay problem in the update of the database that is used to respond to the api queries.

Just between the orders being placed and the api updating its information, 10 minutes passed. Seems like a pretty long time to me.
From what I see, it is updated in parts, I am working with two users and one was updated and it returns the open orders and the other has not yet, it still does not synchronize, showing me the old orders


This is the last response to me from the official Binance support. Hopefully it’s really been fixed.