Problem in Futures API response

on spot API, 24hr all-tickers endpoint includes best ask & bid data:

  1. REST:
  2. WS:

however, future streams (neither WS nor REST) do not include best bid-ask data:

for that reason, we are forced to use a heavily resource-intensive endpoint of “individual book ticker” for 1000’s of symbols, which is OVERKILL of resources, because we dont need full orderbooks at all. the application shows best bid-ask for symbols to users, like a statistics, which we update once in a second. So, we just need to get best bid-ask data for all symbols in one call/stream, instead of subscribing to 2000’s symbols of full orderbook!
Do you understand what a inferior thing is that? please include best bid-ask in futures too, like it is in spot.
I was told the ticket is being tracked under id: FB14645

Have you explored this stream?

You could subscribe to this stream only and then locally filter based on the symbol (“s”).

there are several problems with your suggestion:

  1. as spot-api Binance API Documentation said a month ago, that all-bookticker endpoint is being deprecated in spot-api, so I assume the same will happen to futures anytime soon
  2. in SPOT-API, again to mention, the best bid-ask is included in regular ticker stream. I dont understand, why FUTURES API doesn’t include that. which one is making a mistake?
  3. spot api, for same all-booker REST endpoint, charges 2-weight (while spot has 100 times more pairs) : Binance API Documentation
    but futures api charges 5-weight for one call. that is very inconsistent behavior by futures.

I think I have listed enough misshaps about that.

Please note that Spot and Futures are different products, under different managements and follows different tech structures.
This means, changes on one side doesn’t imply changes to another and both of they doesn’t have to provide same responses or request weights.
However, we’ll register down your feedback internally.

thanks, at least in websockets , it will be good if bid/ask data is added in watck tickers

Any updates please?

We need a bulk data for all symbols best bid-ask , it’s so simple, otherwise we have to fetch 2000 individual symbols one-by-one, it’s OVERKILL, absolute overload of your api engine and neither benefit for users too