Price for Limit orders (to act like a market order)


I’m using Binance API to create some Limit orders and, for the prices of this orders, I use bookTicker stream (best bid for sell orders and best ask for buy orders).

Sometimes, especially on BTC quoted symbols, the best ask received from bookTicker isn’t actually the best ask, it’s a little “bigger” than the actual current best ask (or the bookTicker stream isn’t actually sending EVERY change to the order book) and my order isn’t filling, ofc.

I don’t know tho if it’s actually a bug on my end yet but, until I found out, I was wondering if this is the best way of setting prices for my limit orders or there is another thing I could use instead of bookTicker stream.

PS. I Know I could use market orders instead of limit orders but I don’t want to use them.

Hi. It is possible that the book ticker prices are slightly different due to the network transmission time or some other latencies.

If I understand the use case correctly, you want to not only place the order close to the market price but also control the cost. You can consider placing a stop limit order instead.