Hi, today I have a “price filter” error, this is my code I used this yesterday and work good, any ideas what happened ?
symbol = ‘BNBUSDT’
qty = 0.2

order = client.order_oco_buy(
    symbol = symbol,
    quantity = qty,
    price = round(price*0.994,rnd), 
    stopPrice = round(price*1.0029,rnd), 
    stopLimitPrice = round(price*1.003,rnd),
    stopLimitTimeInForce = 'GTC')

Hi. Could you provide more info about it? For example, when did you call this API, what error message did you see, and what exactly the value of price after rounding.

FYI, there were some operations regarding tickSize yesterday ( and ). This might be the reason of error. Please check if the request you sent fits the trading rule by calling GET /api/v3/exchangeInfo endpoint ( ).