Precision for quoteOrderQty

Hello, Binance Developer support team!

What is the expected precision for quoteOrderQty? It is not documented anywhere. CCXT seems to use either quoteAssetPrecision or baseAssetPrecision, but these are almost always 8, and 2 in rare cases. The web interface sets it to some random number, though. For example, for BNB/BUSD I can input 0,000001 (6), and for BNB/USDT 0,0000001 (7). /exchangeInfo doesn’t return such numbers.

For the API, can I just use 8, or is it going to throw me random filter errors?

I get “Precision is over the maximum defined for this asset.” So I guess I should just ignore the web interface and go with baseAssetPrecision?

For quoteOrderQty, it follows the precision in quoteAssetPrecision. So for BNBBUSD, actually you can go as far as this 10.00000001 (it should be greater than 10 BUSD to meet MIN_NOTIONAL as well)
All the parameters can be found from /api/v3/exchangeInfo

Thank you!

tradingPairs = ['BTCUSDT','ETHUSDT','BNBUSDT']

#Loop though cryptos

for i in range(0,len(tradingPairs)):

info = client.futures_exchange_info()

if info['symbols'][0]['pair'] == tradingPairs[i]:

print("Price Pre ",info['symbols'][0]['pricePrecision'])

pricePrecision = info['symbols'][0]['pricePrecision']
quantityS = 5.2
quantityB = "{:0.0{}f}".format(quantityS, pricePrecision)